The road to autonomy

Growth without autonomy often leads to business owners feeling frustrated, inundated and trapped. The road to autonomy represents the challenge all business owners face, building a self regulated business that isn't completely reliant on you for its success.

We as humans are empowered when we feel a sense of ownership, control and choice. A business without autonomy means a business owner without any freedom, something that the fitness industry knows all too well. For a business to become a legacy, the business owner must be free to become their most creative and innovative self, something impossible to achieve while suffocating in a business that has no autonomy.


6 benefits


Time is our most scarce resource, how we spend it dictates our success, fulfillment and happiness. Your business’s limiting factor will always be time, whether that be yours or your teams. We will teach you how to continuously leverage your time for a greater ROI so you can have a choice how you spend your time.


The only language the whole world speaks and our second most valuable resource. Money is the tool that helps you live, master, self actualise, connect, care and explore. We will teach you how to continuously leverage your capital so that your business, heart, brain and bank account grows.


Return on investment, the only thing that truly matters. When you continuously generate a return on your investment of time and money, progress compounds and your potential becomes limitless. We will teach you how to leverage your time and money to always get a greater return on investment.


We as humans are wired to desire choice. Without it, we feel suffocated and trapped, which leads to one feeling unfulfilled. Uncompromised choice is the key to creating a lasting legacy in business. We will teach you how to build a business that gives you freedom of choice, rather than imprisonment.


Lacking control of your business is both fatal and disheartening. Insecurity floods your mind and limits all creative thinking, putting a halt to all possible progress. We will teach you how to take control of your business and more importantly your future.




What we are all in business for. What is the legacy you will leave behind for the world? What kind of impact will you make? Do you have what it takes? These questions are all dependent on how well you can grow and manage your business. We will teach you how to leave a lasting legacy.


First principles, critical thinking and practical application, that’s how we teach you to be a great business owner.